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Using Graphic Narrative™ and Externalized Dialogue™ the ITR program gently, quickly, and effectively eliminates or greatly reduces the effects of traumatic stress. ITR’s goal is to educate and empower a person to understand how the brain and body are instinctually hard-wired to survive during a traumatic event. Trauma memories get stuck in the non-verbal/emotional brain where there are no words and no sense of time—causing a person to relive the event over and over. ITR guides the recoding of memory fragments so the verbal/logical brain sees that the event is finally over and in the past. The person learns about their True Self and how to work with their parts stuck in the past so they can move ahead fruitfully in life.

Resolve the trauma and see what's left!

Are you on the edge? The ITR time-limited program is the answer.

People suffer in silence, believing that they are “crazy" since nothing they have tried worked for them.  But the truth is, you are not crazy!  The troubling consequences of life's traumas are real and can look like anxiety, hyperactivity, fears, self-mutilation, obesity, nightmares, flashbacks, and depression. Resolve the traumas and see what's left!

The effects of trauma are often misunderstood. ITR sees the possible consequences of trauma as being "stuck" in an ITR component such as being stuck in fight/flight, self-repair, or the freeze. Living with this toxic stress can be discouraging. Many people feel hopeless. Options for help can be confusing, expensive, and yield results that are painfully slow.

Instinctual Trauma Resolution offers a unique virtual intensive program focused on the roots of problems rather than symptoms. We educate and empower people to get "unstuck" quickly.

We offer cost-efficient, fast, and effective options to address any traumatic events without reliving them, in just a week or two.  If you are frustrated by years of work that didn’t help or coping techniques that don’t last, we can empower you with a way to live and thrive, free from the shackles of the past.

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