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Instinctual Trauma Response™

The Instinctual Trauma Response™ (ITR) is an art therapy-informed approach based on recent brain research, universal survival processes, and clinical observations. It was developed by Dr. Louis Tinnin (psychiatrist) and Dr. Linda Gantt (art therapist) and used for over 40 years in hospitals and clinics. Regardless of the number or types of trauma a person has had, all are processed in the same way. This is accomplished by using the techniques of the Graphic Narrative™ , including the re-presentation, and the Externalized Dialogue™. The ITR™ method gives structure and words to traumatic events that are otherwise fragments of memories without words.

Individual sessions

All sessions are individual ones. We provide certified ITR™ therapists for clients seeking trauma treatment with a variety of services including, intensive five- to ten-day outpatient treatment for trauma as an alternative to outpatient and hospital programs that use a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. We also offer mini-intensives, destination intensives, long hourly (2-3 hour) intensives for locals. No reliving!
The Instinctual Trauma Response™ (ITR) model does not require reliving the traumatic events in order to thoroughly process them and make them past tense.

Substantial gains in short time

A person can have 30 hours of therapy in a 4-5-day treatment. A 10-day program is roughly the equivalent of more than a year’s worth of weekly therapy. With back-to-back sessions, there is a momentum that develops that condenses the time required to deal with each specific trauma. A mini- intensive is 17-20 hours and a lot can be accomplished even in that time.


With all sessions being individual ones, no one other than your therapist will know about your history. And, since the program is private pay, insurance companies will not have access to your records.

Meet the Team

Bessel Van der Kolk describes Dr. Tinnin as "the greatest trauma mind of the century". Dr. Tinnin and Dr. Gantt have spent their life's work developing how to help people eradicate trauma symptoms and live a happy healthy life.

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Louis Tinnin, MD and Linda Gantt, PhD, ATR-BC


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