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Intensive Out
Patient Program

ITR resolves trauma for those 3-99 yrs old. It's a reboot for your brain. This is done most effectively with individual intensive time-limited treatment. The schedule is customized to the individual. Call 800-755-6105

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ITR processes are very effective when done online.  For those who need virtual access to help, we have a web-app. You can have all your work at your fingertips. Paper and markers are still an option virtually.

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Weekly Work

Continue ITR work in hourly sessions with a certified ITR specialist. Externalized Dialogue, life coaching, strategy, and accountability can assist with reintegration into your new life without troubling symptoms. This can help maintain your gains.


ITR is at the forefront of the mental health emancipation movement. We strive to empower people to take their healing into their own hands. Our clients are often excited to share their experiences with ITR™.


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