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Intensive Out
Patient Program

The ITR program is for those 3-99 yrs old. It's a reboot for your brain. ITR is effective for any kind of trauma including pre-verbal. The schedule is customized to the individual. Live or Virtual Call 800-755-6105

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ITR is very effective when done online.  For those who need virtual access, we have a web-app available and paper and markers work too. You can have all your work at your fingertips. Check out the ITR® Web-App

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Moving On

Your ITR Specialist will recommend follow-up work for you. There are so many wonderful health and wellness programs available to help in your healing journey. This will help maintain your gains.



ITR® Program

An ITR Certified Trauma Specialist will work with a person to get a full picture and map of their life and the important events. The life-line becomes the individual program agenda.  A person is able to launch their healing journey as they resolve event after event in the time-limited program. The program includes both the Graphic Narrative™ and the Externalized Dialogue™ services.  These can be added individually for follow up after the initial intensive program. The specialist will recommend any future work to support the results of the program.

Graphic Narrative™

An ITR Certified Trauma Specialist will guide a person to put the traumatic events of their life into the past giving them the freedom to thrive in the future. This allows the person to finally recognize the event to be in their "personal" past. This recodes the memory to the whole brain and reduces or eliminates the symptomatic consequences of the traumatic event. See Graphic Narrative™

Externalized Dialogue™

An ITR Certified Trauma Specialist will guide a person to reverse negative beliefs or behaviors by building new neuropathways and re-framing life's challenges in a new way, in the present-day. This is something that will be useful for a person for the rest of their lives. See Externalized Dialogue™


ITR Comparison

Intensive Trauma Resolution Other Approaches
Takes fragments of the traumas that consequences and puts them into historical context so
they are no longer triggers
Focus on coping skills (progressive relaxation,
deep breathing, thought-stopping)
Images from Graphic Narrative™ are used to sequence the event
(doing play therapy with children) with the structure
of the Instinctual Trauma Response® giving the event an end. The fragmented images are given verbal coding. Triggers end. —“The image
comes first.”
Uses cognitive skills and reframing or falsely changing the ending of an event; Deals primarily with verbal material
If a traumatic event is not thoroughly resolved, it
feels like the event will happen again. The ITR program tasks make it possible to truly “finish the story” and put it in past personal history.
Concentrates on how the person’s thoughts,
feelings and behaviors are connected in the
As the traumas are truly finished, the person will have
more capacity for problem-solving
What happened in the past is not considered as
important as present-day functioning
Single traumas can be completed in a matter of hours; the tasks of the  ITR program stabilize as they go. Intensives are 20-30 hours completed within a few weeks. Time-Limited. Some theorists insist on a long period of
stabilization before trauma work begins;
can be years of weekly sessions
Can be used with children as young as 3 years old as well as older children, adolescents, and adults. Young children and those with developmental delays cannot be treated with some types of trauma work
Does not require re-living the event. ITR works from a third-person "observer" perspective. Some approaches stress
abreaction (re-experiencing the emotion dissociated from the original trauma) and others use prolonged exposure
Easily addresses pre-natal and pre-verbal trauma as well as any others Deals mostly with "recalled" recent events


ITR is at the forefront of the mental health emancipation movement. We strive to empower people to take their healing into their own hands. Our clients are often excited to share their experiences with ITR™.


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