Dr. Gantt is the owner and Executive Director of Intensive Trauma Recovery and ITR Training Institute LLC. In late 2020 she co-founded Help For Trauma Inc, a non-profit established to fund trauma research and offer trauma-effective training to mental health workers. She is a board-certified art therapist (ATR-BC) with the Art Therapy Credentials Board. Her fantastic work is well known among art therapists, having served as president and journal editor of the American Art Therapy Association, and as chair of the National Coalition of Art Therapies Associations. She is also a leading art therapy researcher and author, as well as the developer with Carmello Tabone of the internationally recognized Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS). Dr. Gantt has taught in a number of graduate art therapy programs including the George Washington University, Vermont College, Notre Dame de Namur, and Florida State University.

Dr. Gantt worked for 7 years in her first art therapy position on the psychiatric and detoxification units at Prince George’s General Hospital, Cheverly, Maryland. During that time in the mid-1970s, the hospital staff did no routine screening for psychological traumas. The conventional wisdom was that such things were better left alone. But the art therapy program Dr. Gantt conducted provided patients a means of showing their subjective experiences when they had no words for them. With the benefit of hindsight Dr. Gantt could look back and see that a number of people who were hospitalized repeatedly were actually trauma survivors.

Over her 40-year career, Dr. Gantt watched the field of traumatology grow and develop in its theories and research. As she and Dr. Louis Tinnin (psychiatrist) developed their Intensive Trauma Response® theoretical model, Dr. Gantt contributed her expertise in the nonverbal techniques of art therapy to create Graphic Narrative™. She demonstrated that these techniques along with ”finishing the story” have the ability to not just manage trauma symptoms but to eliminate them for good.  This also frees any dissociative parts to engage in Externalized Dialogue™ and be relieved and helpful in the person’s present-day life.

Dr. Gantt is committed to spreading the word about effective trauma treatment through the ITR professional training programs she has developed, her writings, and the ITR® App. Linda strives to give trauma survivors access to psycho-education and tools for life that are useful far beyond the actual program sessions.